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Detecting leaking valves by AE

Detecting leaking valves


VPAC is a valve loss control system for flare and steam valves. The VPAC technology is a state-of-the-art portable digital monitor (1) combined with a powerful leak quantification algorithm that was developed by British Petroleum. Customers using the VPAC system can identify leaking valves in seconds. Expert software quantifies the actual leak rate of the valves in CFM, tons per year or euros per year. You too can save ! Join our more than 500 satisfied customers.

(1) using the intrinsically safe model 5131 to make measurement

Detecting leaking valves by AE


Identifies through-valves gas

Valves loss control with VPAC system

  Estimates leak rate
  Totally non-invasive
  On-line measurement
  Field-proven by British Petroleum
  10 year database
  Portable instrument
  Intrinsically safe
  Simple operation
  300 point memory
  PC loss calculator


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