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Tubescan ® system subsidized in the Mesures prize list of Innovation




Ultrasonic Tube Inspection System

Ultrasonic Tube Inspection System 



TUBESCAN® is a fully automated, Turnkey Ultrasonic System, design to perform high-speed ultrasonic C-Scan imaging of small to medium diameter tubes.

In 2000, Tubescan
® system has been subsidized in the Mesures prize list of Innovation.


  This automated SSI Turnkey Inspection System is configured as a fully integrated system (Fig. 1) in which all components other than the host PC, are stored within a heavy-duty, custom case and protected for use in the field and in shipment.
  Ultrasonic Tube Inspection System by UT
Fig.1 : TubeScanshowing Scanning
Head and Hose and Mirror Controls
  Key features of the system include :

Fully controlled and automated probe insertion and retraction for data acquisition. Insertion speeds up to 0.6 m/s and inspection speeds up to 0.1 m/s, depending on resolution required.


Full 2-Axis 2-D and 3-D C-Scan and B-Scan with file export (to MS Excel®) for data analysis. 100% data retention.


Internal tube diameter ranges between,12 to 76 mm using with all needed centering devices included in Turnkey system.


The standard probe design (Fig.2) consists of a custom 15 MHz transducer and internal water delivery system with a fully controlled and encoded focused, rotating mirror. An encoded DC servomotor powers the mirror, which is driven through a 15 meter Teflon encased stainless steel flexible cable.


Close up of Scanning Head
Fig.2 : Close up of Scanning Head

An advantage
of this system

Rotating mirrors angled to produce normal UT for erosion/corrosion inspection (standard), or to produce 45-70 degrees shear (angle beam), for flaw detection applications such as micro-cracking, are available.



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