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Tubescan ® system subsidized in the Mesures prize list of Innovation



NDT & Predictive maintenance by UT

Defect detection and characterization
in materials by Ultrasonic Non Destructive Testing systems

Ultrasonics are very often used as  Non Destructive Testing technique to detect and characterize  internal defect, but also to measure  residual thickness Vue B-SCAN et C-SCAN de défauts détectés par le système d'ultrasons automatisés LSIwhen corrosive or erosive phenomena are present or to  characterize  bonded or welded interfaces .

Automatic technique use
monitoring dispays (A-SCAN) to build  either or  overall profile (B-SCAN) or a mapping (C-SCAN) at given depths. Powerfull tools allow defect to be located, quantified and measured  without damaging materials.

c solutions :

  LSI: Measurement and diagnosis by automated Ultrasonics

Residual thickness measurement of wall are available using  B-Scan or C-Scan images.
The LSI system is especially  designed  for
the analysis and expertise  of large diameter tube wall (internal or external inspection), plate geometries, , tank tops and bottoms , tank walls ...

TA-LRUT: Examination of the internal annular ring by automated Ultrasonics

Examinaation of the internal annular ring by Ultrasonics

Corrosion state evaluation of internal annular ring of storage tanks, from an external inspection.

  TOFD Method: Weld Inspection by automated Ultrasonics
Contrôle de soudure par Ultrasons automatiques
Crack welds
detection and characterization (length, depth, etc...)

  IRIS: Tubes Inspection  by  immersion ultrasonics

Periodic Inspection of heat exchanger, boiler, air-cooling , condensers, pipes, ...

, monitoring and
evolution of material thickness losses .


  TUBESCAN: Accurate diagnosis of the tubes wall conditions

Diagnostic de l'état des parois des tubes par Ultrasons
Rapid C-Scan mapping of tubes, from small to medium diameters, for heat exchanger, boiler, condensers...



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