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Acoustics Emission products : PC boards, systems, softwares, sensors, pind tester ...

From sensor to turnkey system, an answer for each need

MULTICHANNEL SYSTEMS (2 to 56 or more channels configuration)

Few examples :

  Micro DISP with Notebook
   Notebook size with 2 PCI boards
(DSP-4, PCI-8, PCI-2)
  220 V or battery
   PCMCIA Interface


Multichannels AE system

Micro DISP 8 channels with 2 PCI-DSP 4 cards or Micro SAMOS 16 channels with 2 PCI-8 cards



Working Station

Portable Systems



DISP 16 channels (4 PCI-DSP 4 cards)
or SAMOS 32 channels (4 PCI-8 cards)


DISP 24 channels
with 6 PCI-DSP 4 cards
or SAMOS 48 channels
(6 PCI-8 cards)


                                                              Industrial Systems



DISP 56 channels with 14 PCI DSP-4 cards
or SAMOS 112 channels (14 PCI-8 cards)


Localized corrosion detector  

In service, early detection of localized corrosion in
   industrial environment
   Portable data analyser, fast diagnosis,
   high sensibility

Acoustic Emission sytem for the localized corrosion detection

Applications : stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium alloys, zircalloy...

Acoustic Emission system for leak detection
5130A System

5130A System
   Leak detection, small portable system
   Data collector up to 300 measurements
   L.C.D data display
   Intrinsically safe version (5131 model
   based on the technology)

VS-1 Valve-Squeak
System for leak detection

   Multi channel monitoring system (1 to 8 channels)
   Leak monitoring
   Bearing monitoring
   Partial discharge detection
   Process monitoring

Acoustic Emission system for leak monotoring, bearing monitoring, partial discharge detection, process monitoring
ALM-8 and Windows
monitoring software

Acoustic Emission sytem for grinding and dressing monitoring


AGM 100
   Advanced grinding and
   dressing monitor AGM 100


   Loose parts monitoring system
   for nuclear primary loop

Acoustic Emission system for loose parts monitoring




    Acoustic Emission system for permanent monitoring

Local area monitor for permanent monitoring with remote control and data transfer.

POST-AMPLIFIERS (with RMS module in option)
AE1A Post amp
    Frequency response : 2kHz - 1,5 MHz
   Wide dynamic band > 90 dB standard
   Gain : 0-41 dB (step 3 dB)
   Noise < 25 µV
   Plug in filters

AE post - amplifier

   Wide band 3 kHz - 2 MHz

    Wide band 10 kHz - 5 MHz



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