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Acoustics Emission products : PC boards, systems, softwares, sensors, pind tester ...

From sensor to turnkey system, an answer for each need

Hand-Held Acoustic Emission System

The Pocket AE Acoustic Emission (AE) system is a computerized hand-held instrument for AE testing and leak detection applications. Due to its portable nature and full AE features and functions capabilities, this system can be used in any remote, short term AE application and evaluation, making it an ideal NDT test tool. It performs traditional AE feature extraction based AE signal processing, as well as advanced waveform based acquisition and processing. Text and graphic results are displayed on the Quarter-VGA (240 wide x 320 high pixels) sized color LCD screen. AE data files are saved in traditional Physical Acoustics, DTA files and are transferrable to a desktop or notebook computer via compact flash cards and/or the USB bus, for full data analysis using Physical Acoustics’s AEwinTM software.
The Pocket AE uses an architecture much like that used in hand-held PDA (Portable Data Assistant) and utilizes Microsoft Windows-CE
TM operating system. Win-CE is a compact version of Microsoft WindowsTM
with most of the same features and graphical user interface for instant familiarity.
The unit is a high performance, wide bandwidth, single
or two-channels AE system, with 16 bit A/D conversion .There is even a 16 bit parametric input channel to correlate AE with other external process variables.

  Hand-Held Acoustic Emission System, POCKET AE Key features
Single channel AE instrument with similar performance features found in Physical
      Acoustics’s PCI based multi-channel AE instruments.
    Hand-held portable unit for quick, efficient testing in the field or laboratory.
    MicrosoftTM Windows-CETM compact operating system,
which is familiar and easy
       to operate
    Uses Physical Acoustics standard low cost passive AE sensors with internal AE

        preamplifier or new low power integral preamp sensors.
    16 bit A/D waveform capture and AE signal processing offers wide system dynamic
    16 bit A/D parametric input to correlate AE to other process sensors.
    Integrated rechargeable battery pack, lasting up to 4 hours, and easily replaced.
    Numerical keyboard and color LCD screen for showing graphical and text data.
    Internal flash memory for storing setups and data files.
    Permanent digital record of the test results in standard DTA, PAC data files, compatible
       with AEwinTM Software for detailed data analysis and data visualization.
    Compact Flash card and USB port for data transfer to laptop or desktop PC.


Capable of performing any AE testing where one channel of Acoustic Emission monitoring is required, the portability of this instrument makes it ideal for field testing in applications such as

   leak detection,
    AE characterization of materials and processes,
    screening tests to determine if further action needs to be taken using a larger AE system,

Additionally, with the Pocket AE's built-in parametric processing circuitry, AE can be correlated with other sensors and process stresses.



Hand-Held Acoustic Emission System, POCKET AE & accessoiries
Size:           241 mm x 89 mm x 36 mm
Weight:       0.7 kg (with batteries)  
Display:      3.52" Color LCD, QVGA portrait mode,
                     240 pixels wide x 320 high,
                     Transflective with LED backlight

  Display Touchpad:      Built-in touchpad on screen for use with stylus
                                     and on-screen processing
  Storage Memory:        64 Mbytes Flash for OS and data storage
                                     and  removal  5 Gigabytes memory card
  External Interfaces:     Compact Flash port, USB 2.0 Port

  Power Requirements:          External DC adapter OR Internal 7.2V NiMH battery pack, rechargeable in-situ or optional
                                            external charger

   Battery Life:                       4 – 6 hours intermittent use
  Operating Temperature:      -5° to 45° C

AE Channel Description:       One single channel AE Input using SMB Connector input.
                                              Low voltage (5 volt) Phantom power is available on the AE input connector for powering an
                                              external low voltage preamplifier or integral preamplifier sensor

  AE Frequency Response:     1.0 kHz to 1.0 MHz
  Software Selectable Filters:  4th Order Butterworth filters
                                               High Pass Filters: 1, 5, 20, 100 kHz
                                               Low Pass Filters: 1 MHz fixed 0.1 x sample rate variable
Digitizing:                            16 bit, 10 MSPS maximum
  Extracted Hit Features:         Typical AE features including Time of 1st Threshold Crossing (Time of Hit), Counts to Peak,
                                               Peak Amplitude, Envelope Strength, Duration, Rise Time, Counts, True Energy, RMS, ASL,
                                               Parametric Input
Parametric Input:                 Single parametric input via an SMB connector, +10V input range, sampled by a 100 kSPS,
                                               6 bit A/D converter

Software description
: The Pocket AE comes with a complete working AE software program to perform a variety of AE tests. This program is configured just like any other Microsoft Windows program with a typical menu structure and the familiar menu selections such as "File," "Setup," "Run" and "Help." Included in the software is the ability to view waveforms, histograms, line graphs and point plots in the traditional anything versus anything style. During acquisition or replay, you can scroll through the graphs, viewing one graph at a time. The data is saved in a standard Physical Acoustics defined DTA file for further analysis with AEwinTM or software programs such as NOESISTM.

  Pocket AE-Power : Screening Tool for PD/Particle Problems in GIS
                                                                           and for PD/Gassing Problems in Power Transformers

Pockt AE-Power : Outils de détection de  défauts  dans les unités électriques

Introducing Pocket AE-Power
TM, an innovative turnkey hand-held system that detects partial discharge and/or bouncing particles on gas insulated substations and components, such as circuit breakers. This portable unit is also ideal for problem screening /detection, characterization and area location of PD/gassing problems in power transformers.
Built upon current PDA computer technology, Pocket AE-Power runs under Windows CE
TM, utilizing specialized software for partial discharge identification on GIS and Power transformers.Pocket AE-Power : système Emission Acoustique portatif pour la détection défauts dans les unités électriques

Applies to both GIS and power transformers
  Offers hand-held portability and light weight (1.1 kg
internal battery) construction that is ideally
      suited  for onsite inspection
    Eliminates the need for electrical synchronization, since the system
      automatically identifies electrical frequency discharge with the acoustic
      emission signals

 Provides signal recording and data storage with internal flash memory and easy
     data transfer to laptop or desktop PC through USB or compact flash card.


Opened systems: DLL 32 bit, Labview, Visual C++ drivers
for the development of your special applications

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