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  NOESIS  Sotware  :  
Advanced Acoustic Emission Data Analysis, Pattern Recognition & Neural Networks

specializes in Acoustic Emission (AE) data analysis including real-time software feature extraction and data classification.  Noesis, has been recognized by industry and research institutions, as the most advanced tool for AE data analysis and it is currently used in a large number of AE applications world-wide, from industrial inspections to aerospace research. It provides all the tools an analyst would like to use in industrial applications as well as for research purposes with its very advanced data manipulation functions. All Noesis  functions are available to the user with a few mouse clicks, and  special wizards are available, resulting in the most time  effective means of treating AE data for any application. PR and Neural Network algorithms, in combination with the FX function  and arbitrary data set and wave form support, allow deep  investigation of any data set, making Noesis a powerful  research tool. Moreover, all Noesis features are available for the  real-time analysis of data.

General Specifications

Windows 9x, NT4, 2000 and XP compatible.
Custom Page Interface. A unique way of interfacing with the software and creating graphs and page layouts.
     Noesis supports all PAC (DTA, TDA, WFS) AE data files (SPARTAN, MISTRAS, DiSP, PCI-2 with DOS or AEwin ™
        software) and ASCII (TXT, DAT) files including ASCII software) and ASCII (TXT, DAT) files including ASCII
        and ASCII (TXT, DAT) files including ASCII

The Noesis Document format for handling and storing files provides the user with a compact and complete way to store  
        all information, from data to Supervised training strategies.
Image and data copy/paste functions for document creation integration with other Windows applications. Noesis utilizes
        Windows features and conventions including Wizards for navigating through menus, selecting properties etc.

Typical  analysis screen allowing the correlation of all  data information. Colors and forms highlight different classes and data selection is applied to all graphs, in physical unit or projected (eigen value


    Waveforms DSP :

Waveforms can be displayed in any split window view.
Multiple waveforms can be displayed in any view.
Waveform views can be fully customized.
Waveform Streaming support (WFS files), Long waveform support (TDA files) from Physical Acoustics TRA
   wave data and ASCII Wave file support
Advanced waveform viewing including DSP Filters (fully customizable) and graphical filtering.
3D presentation of multiple waveforms or waveform FFTs.
Digital Signal Processing on waveforms (Autocorrelation, RMS, FFT Real, Imaginary, Magnitude, Phase, Power Spectrum).
Waveform Segment FFT viewing and feature extraction.
Graphical and Box (Range) Zoom functions for all waveform and FFT views including selection range synchro, auto-scale, and user-range.
Data selection from waveform views including logical modes.


Correspondence between data, curves and data tables highlighted grey. Many statistical tools help to take genuine decisions.




Unsupervised Pattern Recognition (UPR) :

UPR Wizard. Guided wizard for a complete UPR on any data.
    It provides full information, suggestions and tools for even
      novice users to perform PR.
    Data pre-processing, normalizing, projection generation etc. to
      assist in more efficient and arithmetically solid  clustering via
    Multiple UPR algorithms, including Neural Networks, for
      clustering data (Max-Min Distance, k-Means, LVQ Net etc).
     All actions are applied to a Working Copy of the data leaving
      the Main Data Set unaffected for better result viewing and
     Manual clustering is available for evaluation and classification
       using common AE practices.
     Classification result output to Physical Acoustics compatible files.


Supervised Pattern Recognition (SPR) :

SPR Wizard. A complete, guided “toolbox” for training SPR methods,
    with information, suggestions and tools to complete an SPR training
    with ease.
  Automatic Usage Set (unknown data) pre-processing based on Noesis
    Script Log.
  Multiple SPR algorithms including Neural Networks (k- NNC, BP Net   
  Interactive SPR algorithm training and testing modes.
   Classification results output to PAC (*.DTA) files.


  Data Handling

     Any number of data points can be selected with the mouse or pre-set operations including logical selection modes.
        Selections reflect on ALL views, drastically enhancing the users insight, even in real-time.
     Data can be filtered, either graphically in plots, or from the data set (data point removal) with simple filtering, selection
        and delete operations. Complex Filtering can be applied through the Data Filters dialog with set-up save/load capability.
        Entire time segments can be removed.
     Data projections can be generated based on covariance and correlation matrices to project the data to a maximum
        separation space.
Copy/Paste operations are available for data transfer to other applications. This includes data, waveforms/ DSP/ FFT
        and bin values in cumulative or bar plots.
     Data sorting to any feature (Time, FX Time, other features).
     Import external (user generated) parametric files.
     Work with Time Driven Data only
     Waveform Feature Extraction (FX) for the whole data set. Full hardware control. Noesis can extract features even break-
        down waveforms to multi-hits. FX supports FX in time and frequency domains.
     Calculated Features (CF) can be added to the data using mathematical operations between existing features.
     Zonal Source Location is implemented in an extended format so that the user gets information about all the hits involved
        in an event in the Event Sequence feature.
     Linear 3D (xyz) Source Location with spatial sensor. positioning and Global/Local location strategies including a
        neighbouring sensor techniques.                           


                                              Combination of features  

   Features processed          


   Data Statistics
Min, Max, Mean, Skewness, Curtosis etc. for all data sets.
           Feature correlation matrices and dendrograms.
           Various criteria for vector/feature statistics (Wilk's, Rij etc.)
           Class Statistics (cluster centers, cluster distances etc.)
           Channel Statistics (min, max, total, etc)
           Amplitude Distribution tables.
           Periodic statistics provide a means to monitor class
            evolution and other, periodic features.

Dendrogram showing feature correlation.



 Data Classification during acquisition (Live-UPR)

Live-SPR is a complete set of Noesis functions to read and classify data during acquisition. During Live-SPR, data can be manipulated as in post- processing : change graphs, add graphs, select data, get  statistics, change scales etc.
Periodic Statistics is a set of Noesis functions for monitoring cluster evolution and other features at certain intervals, which can be applied either during acquisition or in post-processing



Editions Description

*Noesis Light Edition comes with full support for PAC DTA, TDA and WFS acoustic emission data files with save and export capabilities. It includes all basic software functions such as: *Pages, all plot types (scatter, bar etc) with plot management, graphical filtering, background plots and tabular data views *export or copy plot and page images *multiple data file loading and time management *hit sorting/time ordering *hit selection and hit correspondence in all views *data/time deletion *import external parametric file *complex data filters *statistics *copy/paste operations *advanced waveform viewing/handling *FFT, Power Spectrum, Autocorrelation, RMS and other DSP features *Windowing and Filters *Waveform Feature Extraction supporting new features and user defined settings.

NOESIS - Professional
*The Professional Edition includes: *ALL the functions of the Light Edition *Multiple Hits extraction from waveforms *segment Wave/FFT views *Calculated and User Defined Features including a Feature Calculator with functions such as trigonometric and logarithmic *Unsupervised Pattern Recognition (UPR) and the Supervised Pattern Recognition (SPR) algorithms and functions relating to PR (e.g. preprocessing, axes projections etc) * extended data sets (testing, training, usage) *advanced statistics and correlation plots *data projections for all data are also available.

   Modules Description

TXT : TXT Module (text, ASCII, imported files)

Allows the use and manipulation of text (ASCII)
data and waveforms in tab delimited files, using all Noesis filtering, viewing, clustering, SPR, UPR functions.

LOC : Location Module
rovides Multi Sensor Group Zonal and Linear 3D Location for PAC (DTA ,TDA, WFS) files including First Hit determination, Event Sequence of arrival and spatial source location between sensors. Noesis Location can use extracted arrival times (from Feature Extraction) to further investigate acquisition settings in location.

NOESIS - Enterprise
*Noesis Enterprise Edition contains ALL features described above for the Light and Professional Editions along with Live-SPR. This is a Noesis function that allows real-time feature extraction and classification of data from DTA or WFS files with graphs and all other Noesis functions.*All modules described below are also included.


Opened systems: DLL 32 bit, Labview, Visual C++ drivers
for the development of your special applications

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