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  AEWinTM Sotware  :  
For real time acquisition and  analysis of Acoustic Emission signals
(PCI2, Samos, DiSP, MISTRAS and SPARTAN systems) under Windows 98, ME, 2000 et XP


AEwin is a 32 bit WINDOWS, Data Acquisition and Replay program, with all acquisition, graphing and analysis
      capabilities you expect
from your AE system, and many more new and enhanced features to make data analysis
      and visualization tasks easier.

Platform with DSP for modal analysis and fitness for service.
Utilizing full WINDOWS resources including; Setting
s of any WINDOWS available screen resolutions, Printing, Networking,
      Multi-Tasking, Multi-Threading, etc,
   Fully compatible with Physical Acoustics standard (DTA) data files, which allows all  previously collected AE files to be
      replayed and analyzed.

Easy addition of  graphs and pages even during acquisition..
Offers various user-selectable toolbars including; Setup, acquisition control, line dump, status and statistics.

Logiciel d'acquisition et de traitement Emission Acoustqiue AEWIN

Several graphs per page can be viewed with many statistical tools to have clear overview of the data distribution in real time.

Logiciel d'acquisition et de traitement Emission Acoustqiue AEWIN



A typical page representing general activity with 2 graphs of visualization of transients (waveforms and its Fourier transform), a graph of cumulated activity, a distribution and a correlation, defined by few simple " mouse clicks "

   Graphing capabilities :

2-D and 3-D graphing capabilities allow the setup of multiple graphs on a screen, only limited by the
   screen resolution.
Hit/Event identifications highlights selected data in other graphs.
Ability to set up and individually size (on screen) many different types of graphs including; 2-D line graphs,
    histograms, point plots, waveforms, FFTs, overlays, multiple plots on a single graph and color options
Capability to arrange multiple graphs on a screen.
Toggling between several screens by selecting a user-labeled tab.
Expandable to full screen with zooming and panning for close-up analysis.
Full cursor readout capability.

 AEWin software allows the user to select and see, in real time, different curves and to establish the link between the various types of data (here link between the various events and waveforms of the salves characteristics used to calculate the localised event )

AEwin software combined with the DSP capacities allows the user to select and see, in real time, various 2D or 3D curves and  waveforms.


  Source Location and Analysis (clustering) :
       Multiple 1, 2, and 3D location modes.
     Creation and management of many location groups in parallel.
     Graphic sensor positioning.
      Allows the creation of structure (plate, tank, etc…) for set up,
       viewing and location processing.



           Material database and correction tool.


            Management of multiple propagation velocities and
            strategies of arrival times, from the waveform extraction, tools for optimization of location results.




  Multi Layer Dispersion Curves

Modal analysis, Lamb velocity calculation, material database.


                      Synchronized Acquisition .
Waveforms acquisition from external / internal TTL trigger
with independent or synchronized channels
                       Post-synchronization of waveforms



Opened systems: DLL 32 bit, Labview, Visual C++ drivers
for the development of your special applications

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