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Localised corrosion detection by Acoustic Emission

Localised Corrosion Detection


AE system for the localised corrosion detection


Localised corrosion (stress corrosion cracking, crevice and pitting corrosion) can be a serious problem for chemical and petrochemical process industries. Unpredicted failures occurring in-service can have severe consequences for productivity, health & safety and the environment.


Acoustic Emission (AE) is the only NDE technique that can detect the onset and continuation of active corrosion pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, in-service and on-line. This provides invaluable information about the process conditions under which corrosion occurs.


    The CORPAC® 1 solution, the technology package

  Localised corrosion detection by Acoustic Emission Detect active corrosion in-service on-line

High sensitivity
Fast diagnosis
Single channel

Integrated technology database and expertise
  Easy to use
No expertise required
Self-assesses noise environment
Non-invasive method
  Sensor mounted on external surface
Up to 170°C

 - Higher temps possible)
Local removal of insulation for UIC checks

  Applications (Stainless steels, carbon steels, light alloys...)

Corrosion detection by AE
Storage Tank
Stainless Steel 316
T° : 90°C

Corrosion detection by AE
Distillation Column
Stainless Steel
T° : 150°C

Corrosion detection by AE
Pipe Connection
Nickel based Alloys
T° : 100°C

Corrosion detection by AE
Pipe Connection (Autoclave)
Stainless Steel 316
T° : 80°C
Corrosion detection by AE
Rail Road Tank Car
Carbon Steel
T°: Ambient
Corrosion detection by AE
Stainless Steel 316
T° : 50°C

Developed in partnership with the chemical industries, and the support of ANVAR, CORPAC
® is the only technology available to permit inspection and process engineers to periodically self-monitor "hot spots" for evidence of active corrosion processes, non-invasively, on-line, as function of the then known process conditions.

The understanding of the physics and chemistry of corrosion processes as well as their detection by AE, is based on more than 15 years research, including a European BRITE EURAM contract. This know-how, database and self-diagnosis technology is incorporated into the system, requiring no expertise on the part of the user. Intended users are likely to be plant engineers, who have a detailed understanding of the processes they manage. CORPAC® will help them understand what process conditions exacerbate corrosion development and which help to ease, or arrest it.



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