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NDT of composites, structures & materials

Our knowledge at your disposal

Euro Physical Acoustics proposes three non-destructive testing solutions to characterize composite material:

                Acoustic Emission (AT):

allows detecting, locating and identifing growing damage under mechanical and/or thermal loadings.

               Ultrasound (UT):

allows characterizing small size damage or design defaults.

               Acousto-Ultrasound (AU):

allows detecting and locating damage within thick and /or absorbent composite materials.

  Static /Dynamic
Global / Local
Damage Type Absorbent
AT Dynamic
(structural loading)
Global Yes Delamination, fiber cracking, matrix cracking, fretting, disbonding,... +
UT Static Local No Discontinuity (material interfaces, holes, ...) delamination, disbonding, porosity -
AU Static Global / Local No Discontinuity (material interfaces, holes, ...) delamination, disbonding, porosity ++

Linear localisation using Acoustic Emission
Linear localisation using Acoustic Emission

Ultrasound scan (immersion system)


Ultrasound scan
   (Immersion system)  

Acousto ultrasound scan (dry couplant)

Acousto-Ultrasound scan (dry couplant)

Few examples of EPA expertise in composite material:

  Pressure Equipments & Storage Tanks

  Qualification tests of Structures

Gaz cylinder / Fiber carbon

Gaz Cylinder
 Carbon Fiber


Storage Tanks / Glass Fiber

Storage Tanks
Glass Fibers

CFRP with metallic inserts

with metallic inserts

Structure Qualification (Honey Comb)
Protecticve shell of ARIANE Satellite
Honey comb

A340 aileron CFRP
A340 aileron CFRP

  Material Diversity

  Materials Characterization

Sheet molding compent,


     Honey Comb

     Sandwichs Structures,


   Organic, ...

Static and fatigue testFatigue test on wind blade

Fatigue test ion wind blade          

Wind Blade

Holed sample

Holed sample

  Injection molding

Injected mould and part
Injected mould and part

Our referees in Aeronautical & spatial, petrochemical, gaz, automotive, energy industries... are mumerous.



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