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Acoustics Emission products : PC boards, systems, softwares, sensors, pind tester ...

From sensor to turnkey system, an answer for each need


PCI-2 Board : superior performance, low noise and  high speed
2 AE channels on PCI bus card
Waveforms included
Very low noise
 Bandwidth : 1kHz to 3MHz (à – 3dB)
18 bit A/D dynamic range
Sample Rate : 100 kS/s to 40 MS/s
2 parametrics inputs
4 high pass/ 6 low pass
Optional : 8 parametics inputs / 2 digital parametics inputs

Continuous streaming acquisistion PCI-2

Continuous « Streaming » acquisistion
  (Process monitoring,
continuous AE, Acousto-ultrasonic, Vibrations,…)

Applications : Ideal for research applications where high speed, high resolution, bandwidth, and very low noise are required.


Carte numérique PCI-DSP4
4 complete AE Channels on PCI bus card
10 MS/sec, 16 bit A/D
8 parametrics inputs
4 High pass, 4 low pass
Bandwidth: 10 kHz - 2 MHz to -3 dB
Optional Waveform module                         

Carte modulaire numérique PCI-DSP-4

Applications :
Industrial or research use, with high number of channels, and where speed, dynamic and bandwidth are necessary.


PCI-8 BOARD (compact) : Ideally suited for multi-channel systems

 PCI-8 board
8 digital complete channels on a single PCI card.
Waveforms included
3 MS/sec, 16 bit A/D
 SMB Connectors
Low Power consumption
Up to 2 parametrics on each PCI-8 board
4 high pass/ 4 f ow pass
Bandwdith: 1 - 400 kHz to -3dB
  (Possible extension for very low frequency)

Applications : Ideal for multi-channels applications on structures where low frequency band is required.

 AE-MUX-4 BOARD:  4 channels Acoustic Emission multiplexer

Ae-Mux-4 :4 channels Acoustic Emission Multiplexer
4 to 1 Multiplexer for AE systems
4 BNC inputs and 1 SMB output
Supplies 28 volt Phantom Power to all 4 preamplifiers
Propagates AST signal to selected preamplifier
Interfaces with PAC-IO48 board to control selection
  throught  AEwin or selection can be manually controlled
  Multiple boards can be configured as an 8:1 up to 32:1.
½ length PCI card

Applications using an important dynamic range and a very low noise, for which the measurement can be sequential:  leak, process noise detection, motor monitoring, rotating machinery monitoring,…
The AE-MUX-4 board is very usefull for acousto-ultrasonic
applications too (emission - complex wave analysis for studying the transfer function)

ARB-14-10 board : Arbitrary Waveform Generator on PCI bus

ARB-1410  Board Arbitrary Wave form Generator

synthetize waveforms for Acousto-Ultrasonics
serve as AE system calibration

14 bit  A/D converter, 100 MHz with analog output
+/-20V up to 15 MHz or +/-35V à 2MHz or 150V
    up to 0,7 MHz

Applications : Study of Acoustic Emission, acousto-ultrasonics, waves transfer functions

Opened systems: DLL 32 bit, Labview, Visual C++ drivers
for the development of your special applications

A large choice of  Acoustic Emission  systems:


AE systems on board


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